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Tips on playing the fish shooting game for beginners

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The fish shooting game is not only for professionals even novice can play this game. Smart players are collecting a big amount of coins without spending money. That is another way of exchanging prizes to win rather than depending on any luck. Below are the tips on how to win by playing the game.

Using the mustache approach

The players are focusing on เกมยิงปลาได้เงินจริง. And they are ignoring the small fishes. But if you are a beginner then don’t risk doing this. You are missing the fish but you are also losing all your money. You need to focus on shooting slowly, turn the barrel together with the table, and then you can shoot one by one. And for big fish, you can also try shooting 1, 2, or 3 tablets.

Slow but fast shooting

Shooting the big fishes provides you to sacrifice a lot of bullets. If the other player has more ammunition compared to you it is possible that you will lose the game. You need to use the bullets slowly to earn more after shooting.

Playing Online Casino

Having a budget

Players are making a budget but they are not following it. And if you are always playing the game then you need to set your budget. The fastest and easiest way to do this is you need to plan a budget. How much you can spend on the game and how many days you are going to play the game.

Killing the boss to earn points

It is the main aim because it has a lot of surprises. Other big bosses are exploding and it kills a lot of small fish surrounding it. By this it allows you to earn points. Just do your very best to get to the boss level. You will earn real rewards.

Focus on the game

The goal of this game is to kill as many fish that are within the time frame. You can reach this goal by concentrating on the game. You need to feel relaxed to win the game. Because once you feel a little panic you will lose the game. You need to loosen up.

Watch the speed

Most people will disregard this kind of feature once they are playing the game. After you log in to the game, you will load the bullets. And you will choose the level of bet then you press the gun to shoot. They will appear at the same time but you will notice that not all fish have the same speed.

A small fish moves slower than a normal fish. The slow speed is easy to shoot and the fast speed you will shoot or either miss the target. It does not apply to sharks and bigger fish. The reason is you will need to use a lot of bullets to defeat it.

Shoot the head of the fish

Using big bullets 4 and 5 to shoot the fish that has more coins. But these fish are strong. You need to wait for the fish to gather in a swarm to aim.