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Heart of Vegas bonus coins for players

Nowadays, most of the peoples want to play the game online. There are plenty of games available on the internet. Among these games, the Heart of Vegas become a huge hit all over the world. The game gets huge popularity and quickly get the millions of players.

There are some great ways to earn free coins in the game Heart of Vegas. You can get the free coins from bonus wheels, you can get them from the hourly bonuses, and you can send and receive them from your friends. You also check the fan page in Heart of Vegas for lots of events and freebies are available that can reward the coins.

Heart of Vegas now offers daily bonus wheels. The hearts of vegas bonus coins is available every 24 hours from your last collection point. You should log in the game every day and refresh the button.

hearts of vegas bonus coins

You can send and receive gifts from your friends. Every day you can send gifts to each friend and receive gifts from each friend. The hourly bonuses also available in Heart of Vegas. The game opens the player can click the bar at the right of the screen to receive the bonus. It refills every three hours.

If you are newly login to the Heart of Vegas game it requires connecting to your Facebook page. There are some ways available to get the free coins in Heart of Vegas. First, you can view the every single bonus link from the official page of the Heart of Vegas. They posted the questions on the official Facebook page of the game Heart of Vegas. You can unlock the free coins by answering these questions. They posted questions on the daily basis.

The game also offers the puzzles to get the free coins. You should solve the puzzles. Some special bonuses are available on the special days. The game gives you a bonus on Christmas and some other special days.