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Dadu poker and your advantage

For the lover of dice gambling and people who believe to have their luck stored in dice, every best option in available in Macau303. The dice gambling is one of the oldest betting games and is purely believed to be based on your luck. You will be able to double the amount of money that you have with dice gambling.

Why play Dadu poker?

The dadu poker has both Gambling dice and gambling poker mixed making it a popular game. POKER DICE or dadupoker is a simple game with the task to make your bet on a specific number before the dice rolls and wait for the result to come.

The game has 5 dice and with each 2 with combination colors being black or red.

Little about pairs:

One pair of the dice will be determined by the bettor, same as poker. With you select one pair be it 5-5 pair, with the dice roll and outcome coming out as 1-2-4-5-6 you win the round as your selected number of the pair made it in the list, but if the dice rolls as 1-3-4-5-5 you will lose because at the same time both your numbers made it in the final list of dice results.

For two pairs bet, you should choose 2 pairs of the dice before it rolls. For you to win the game the both numbers should make it to the results. For an instance if you choose 3 and 5 pairs and the outcome is 1-2-3-3-5 you will win as both of the pairs got in the results but if both doesn’t make it to the list then you will lose the game.

The same will go for 3 and 4 kind of bet that you will make in the game, you can win the game with colors selected, if you select red and each dice color is red you win the show that’s known as a straight bet win

Most of the bets are made on the basis of numbers making it a small or big bet as 1,2,3will be in small bet.

Don’t waste anytime just go and play for win