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Betting Safely in Online Cockfights

Recently, there is a twist in the traditional cockfighting scene – it has gone online. This game is stamped with the word traditional all over it. That is because it is, cockfighting is deeply rooted in tradition especially in Asia. This involves a fight to the death between two roosters or gamecock and it goes back to about 6000 years. Modern cockfighting, however, was first witnessed by Magellan in the Philippines in 1521.  The Gamecocks, NOT game birds, are bred and trained specifically for fighting other birds. These are referred to as gamefowls.

 The game is a violent game and is often frowned upon by society. It’s popularity never waned as younger generations caught on the fever for cockfights. It is most probably this younger generation that is responsible for ushering in this traditional sport into the 21st century. In Asia, this online sport is very popular.  In the Philippines, it is called Sabong online and in Malaysia, togel kl.

Although the game is traditional, online betting is not. This is all about the money and to be able to do so safely, there are a few things that one should be aware of. As with doing any transactions, online certain safety precautions have to be followed, just like any other gambling site.

When doing any online betting, look for a reputable online betting site. There is a multitude of sites that cater specifically to online gambling. What you can do is do a little bit of research before having your money deposited in an escrow for the bets. Remember, it is after all the internet and all due diligence should be accorded even before any transactions can take place.

Online BettingBy research online, what we mean is that you do some cross-referencing on several platforms for information on that particular site. Look at some reviews, look them up on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram would be a good starting place. Most will have a local group that they belong to. If you somehow get a whiff of something amiss, stay away from that site.

 When you get a site, do your betting on a machine where you are NOT the admin. This will make it so much harder for viruses and other malware to infect your computer. These are just some of the rudimentary precautions you can use when betting online. While you are at it, it is also a good idea not to use a shared computer and make sure all malware and antivirus software is updated. Of course, nothing is safer than not doing any gambling at all but if you cannot help it, those are some of what you can do.